Awesome Maps of Cedar Blue
I found some maps in my old files of Cedar Blue.
I hope you find them useful.
I do not know how old these files/maps are. They are not intended to be legal documents. Please check with the Murray County Court House or have you lot surveyed in order to find your correct property lines.
After Page opens change the zoom % to your viewing preference.
map106-0 map106-1 map106-2 cbrvpark006011.jpg
map107-0 map107-1 map107-2 cbrvpark006012.jpg
map103-0 map103-1 map103-2 cbrvpark006008.jpg
map105-1 map105-2 map105-3 cbrvpark006010.jpg
map102-0 map102-1 map102-2 cbrvpark006007.jpg
map104-0 map104-1 map104-2 cbrvpark006009.jpg
cbrvpark006005.jpg map101-0 map101-1 cbrvpark006003.jpg cbrvpark006006.jpg
These were a rough draft some time ago. You must get the lines marked on your property before you dig!
map100-1 map100-2 map100-3 cbrvpark006001.jpg
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